spider droppings

Rugged Long Lasting Tarp To Protect Your Boat

Protect your boat from spider droppings with our Spider Shield Tarp.
ETP's Spider Shield
ETP Sports uses woven polypropylene fabrics in the manufacture of our Spider Shields. Polypropylene is very durable and will serve well for a long time.

Our Spidershields are customized for your application and are the most effective, enduring and economical method for preventing spider droppings from tainting your boat’s finish in your boat house. You can’t eliminate the spiders but you can prevent the spider pellets from staining your boat.

protect the finish of your boat
Spidershield tarp protecting boat
spider dropping tarp
ETP Spider Shield deployed – corner stitching detailed

These “spider nets”, fabricated right here in our Mobile, AL plant. Each Spider Shield is custom fabricated to fit your boat slip specifications, while still being economical.
Our spider dropping tarp is easy to mount and will resist tearing.

Other applications for a spider drop tarp would be garages, warehouses, or other storage facilities.

Call us for your pricing and availability.

Available Mounting Equipment
Spider Shield Accessories Equipment
The Spidershield Accessory Equipment Package is available starting at $85.00 depending on length of Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable. This will make Mounting a spidershied easier and secure.